Teresa Arévalo Caraballo Candidature for Albacete

Teresa Arévalo Caraballo

I was born in Ciudad Real 34 years ago. I grew up in the village of Miguelturra, and after passing the university entrance examination I moved to Madrid to study. Due to the precarious situation, which affects so many people in Spain, I had to go back to my home village. Since I was a teenager, I have often participated in student mobilisations, but it was when I entered the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Complutense University when I started to get actively involved in political militancy and social movements. My political activism has always aimed at fighting for a fairer society and equal opportunities for all. From my point of view, politics is the instrument to make and think of a better life for the citizens. Moreover, this involvement in politics allowed me to meet those who have been my colleagues since then, with whom I learned that only the collective and shared alternatives can change the people’s lives.

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