Sònia Farré Candidature for Barcelona

Sònia Farré

I was born in Hospitalet de Llobregat in 1976.  I am a secondary school teacher of Catalan and I have been a volunteer leisure monitor for 13 years. I started as an activist with the 15M movement in Sant Joan Despí. Shortly afterwards I went on to form part of the Citizens’ Debt Platform to deconstruct austerity discourse, clarify responsibilities, work for transparency and for citizen empowerment. I am part of the core team of the Municipal Citizens’ Observatories project which has received the Peace Memory prize from the Vidal y Llecha association.   I have participated in the volumes: ¿Porqué no debemos pagar la deuda? Razones y alternativas, and Educacions. 40 veus sobre educació i societat. I am a member of the Constituting Process because I think that social rights and national rights should go hand in hand. I participate in En Comú Podem because I believe that we should consolidate new tools and new ways of working in politics to continue transforming the world.

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