Sara Carreño Valero Candidature for La Rioja

Sara Carreño Valero

I am 30 years old, I hold a degree in Administration and Business Management and I am currently finishing my degree in Law at the UNED. I arrived in La Rioja after having lived several years abroad, in different countries of the European Union. As many young professionals in my generation, the crisis and the insecurity led me to look for a job outside Spain. When in May 2011 the Puerta del Sol was filled with people demanding democracy, I worked to encourage the same movement from Rome. Only a few months after, I was offered a position in Logroño and I could return. Since then, I am in charge of the business international development of an assisted reproduction unit in a local clinic.

I cooperate with the Food Bank and I have volunteered for years at the Proyecto Alba from Cáritas, aimed to children at risk of social exclusion. Although I have always been interested in politics, I had never been affiliated with a political party till Podemos was born. Podemos has given me a different perspective of politics and a mechanism to make real what we claimed during the 15M. I actively took part in the creation of the circle of Logroño since the beginning and I currently in charge of a number of tasks within the regional organization. Now I run for the Congress of Deputies with the hope of being part of the political change Spain needs. From there I will work to put the institutions at the service of the people, which is the only way to build a better future for everybody. I know I was very lucky to get a job that allowed me to return home, but there are still too many young emigrants and the number is increasing. Now is time to build a country to where they can return.

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