Pedro Arrojo Agudo Candidature for Zaragoza

Pedro Arrojo Agudo

I am a doctor in Physical Sciences and emeritus teacher of Economic Analysis at the University of Zaragoza. My research, centred in the economy and management of water, has been developed in seventy books and in more than a hundred scientific articles.

For twelve years I have been a member of the scientific committee of the MAB Programme of UNESCO. I was President of the New Water Culture Foundation, of the first two Iberian Congresses about the Planning and Management of Waters (Zaragoza, 1998, and Oporto, 2000) and of the Latin American conference for the New Culture of Water (Fortaleza, Brasil, 2005). I promoted the European Declaration for a new Culture of Water, signed by a hundred European Union scientists and I managed the Ethic Forum on Water in the Expo about Water and Sustainability (Zaragoza 2008)

In 2003 I received the Goldman Prize for the Environment, in 2004 the Juan XXIII Memorial Peace prize, in 2006, the medal of Merit from the University Veracruzana (México); and in 2011 the appointment of Honorary Professor of the National University of Engineering of Peru.

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