Noelia Vera Candidature for Cádiz

Noelia Vera

I was born in Cadiz 30 years ago and I grew up on a farm in the Port of Santa María. I have a degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Agency Journalism. I have worked in political information and human rights, I spent some time working for the Diario de Cádiz, for CNN+ news and Telemadrid news. I did my work experience as a correspondent for Agencia EFE in Buenos Aires. I was a member of the founding team of Hemisferio Zero, a website with international information and human rights issues. I also covered the armed conflict in Colombia, and worked for and I was communication consultant for the mayor of Bogotá. I currently present a political discussion programme on «La Tuerka». Information is a right and Journalism, a service and a commitment.

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