Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello Candidature for Lugo

Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello

I was born in Cospeito, Lugo, in 1958. I am a poet, playwright and publisher. I studied Psychology and Philology at the University of Santiago, and Music (Classical Guitar) at the Music College of A Coruña.

I was Secretary-General of the Galician Writers Association (AELG) and Chairman of the Galician Publishers’ Association (AGE). As a poet, I have twice won the Spanish national critics award, in 1985 and in 2005, and I have been finalist for the Spanish national literary award with the book of poems Seivas amor e Tránsito (1985) and for the national poetry award from Spain with the books As certezas do clima (1997) and Territorio da desaparición (2005). In addition, I have also won the following awards: Celso Emilio Ferreiro (from the Vigo City Council), Esquío, Xacobeo de Poesía (from the government of Galicia), and the Martin Codax award.

At the political level, I was a member of Bloque Nacionalista Galego; I founded (together with Xosé Manuel Beiras and Antón Avilés de Taramancos, among others) the political party Esquerda Nacionalista, and I collaborated with the political organization Encontro Irmandiño. I was also a member of the organization Encontro Cidadán por unha Marea Galega —which I resigned for personal reasons— and I am currently a member of Anova-Irmandade Nacionalista.

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