Marta Sibina Camps Candidature for Girona

Marta Sibina Camps

I was born in Breda (Girona) on 15th May (15M) 1973.   At present I am working as a nurse and I have a post-graduate diploma specializing in surgery. I am the founder of the Cafèambllet magazine, a local publication which uncovered various corruption cases in the Catalan health system and which ultimately became a free publication distributed throughout Catalonia. I am also the co-author of the book: Artur Mas: Dónde está mi dinero? amongst other publications. Until recently I had kept myself on the outside of political projects, but the present moment, the indignation and constant injustices which are affecting our society with such brutality, have made me embark on this collective project.

I am convinced that we need to get rid of the right-wing government that we have at present and to build a way of working in politics which fights for the common good. I am not afraid of working hard and I am not planning to wait around. I believe in the power of the people, in everyday life. The 15M movement marked a new phase in my life: since then I have been keen to get actively involved in consolidating change for the common good.

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