Mae de la Concha Candidature for Islas Baleares

Mae de la Concha

I am 61 years old, self-employed, mother of three and bookseller in Ciutadella de Menorca, where I live 35 years ago.

I started to work at the age of 16 and my training is basically self-taught. I lived in France and also in England. I got the Diploma of the EOI, both in English and French. My Catalan is reasonably good and I have some knowledge of Italian. Whenever I had the opportunity I attended courses and workshops related to literature, history, art and thought.

I am interested in everything related to childhood, early childhood education, the effects of patriarchal culture in daily relationships and the situation of girls and teenagers in today´s world. Whenever I could, I have helped teaching children from vulnerable families.

Menorca is a biosphere reserve and the environment and the effects of climate change are another concern of mine and about what I try to keep myself informed. The living conditions of animals, biodiversity, local farming and consumption, etc. I am member of GOB (environmental group of great importance in the islands) and of Greenpeace.

I joined Podemos after the European Elections, in which for the first time, a group of people who really represent me, obtained a surprising and encouraging result. Now I am the one who, together with a large group of citizens, is trying to represent the voiceless in our Parliament. Ordinary people who view, outraged and astonished how acquired rights disappear one after the other and how open routes are again cut off. With the support of the citizens and the joint effort of whom cannot be satisfied, we will make the wind change direction and that winds of change blow behind us. I am very much encouraged to see the high level of my colleagues, both at the Congress and the Senate. For my part, I am looking forward to bringing the experience gained over the years and having lived and worked in many different places.

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