Juana Caro Candidature for Ciudad Real

Juana Caro

I was born in 1971, I am from Valdepeñas and mother of two daughters. I graduated in Social Studies, I hold a Philosophy and Literature degree, specialised in Pedagogy, from the University of Granada, and I obtained the Higher Diploma in Intercultural Social Mediation from the Complutense University of Madrid.

I have taught since 2003 in different centres. I currently work in the high school Comendador Juan de Távora, from Puertollano, where I actively collaborate with the environment resources, especially with the Women’s Centre in the role of local awareness and sensitization about gender-based violence, harassment, etc.

My political career also began in 2003, as the manager of the Youth and Women Department of the Local Assembly of IU (United Left), which I currently coordinate. I am a member of the Valdepeñas City Council representing IU-Ganemos since the last municipal elections in 2015; I was elected by open primary election a candidate for the Spanish Congress of Deputies representing IU-Unidad Popular for Ciudad Real in the recent elections in December 2015.

I led, for months, several demonstrations in protest at cuts in the field of assistance for battered women; I am an active participant in the Marea Verde (Green Tide) —the developer of the platform for the defence of public school in Valdepeñas—; I protested against the cuts in Early Attention in the Valdepeñas area and I am a member of the Board of Teachers of Ciudad Real as a representative for CC. OO. (Workers’ Commissions)

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