Juan Pedro Yllanes Suárez Candidature for Islas Baleares

Juan Pedro Yllanes Suárez

I have a degree in Law from the University of Sevilla, which is my home city. I am a judge by profession and have been a magistrate since February 1991. I am a specialist in techniques of penal interrogation, I have worked widely as an educator and I have spoken in a number of conferences about court information and the media.

I have concentrated especially on the conflict between the right of information and the presumption of innocence and privacy provided to people who have been arrested, charged or accused and also on their “unsatisfactory solutions” in law, as I described in my speech published in the Cuadernos José María Lidón 2010. My interest in films about legal subjects has led me to offer seminars on film and law as well as giving talks about the representation of judges on the big screen. I have also represented the Spanish justice system in preparatory sessions on the role of international cooperation in the fight against corruption.

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