José Carlos Martínez Porra Candidature for Melilla

José Carlos Martínez Porra

I was born in Melilla 50 years ago, I have got two daughters, a son and two grandchildren. After working in different sectors, twenty-eight years ago I decided to become self-employed, and I currently run a tobacconist’s in Melilla. I participated in the meetings which took place in Parque Hernández in 2013-2014.

I had always been involved in the problems of Melilla, and kept an eye on social and political affairs; however, I confess that it was in those meetings when I felt enthusiastic and excited again about the opportunity to change things. Now I am feeling politics once again, because if we do not supervise what the institutions do, things do not work. We can no longer accept “bread for today, hunger for tomorrow”, we must ensure the common good.

I was a Senate candidate representing Podemos Melilla in the general elections held on 20 December 2015.

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