Jaume Moya i Matas Candidature for Lleida

Jaume Moya i Matas

I was born in Barcelona in 1972 and for the last ten years I have lived in Florejacs, in the area of the Segarra. I have a degree in Law a post-graduate course in Estate Management and I have been a barrister since 1996. In Cervera I am one of the founders of a group of professional barristers called Conscients. I have been a member of the Commission of Political Linguistics of the Barcelona School of barristers and secretary of a range of entities such as Torrefeta i Florejacs per la Independència, el Fòrum Espitllera and la Fundació Jordi Cases i Llebot. I have also been the coordinator of the ANC in the Segarra area, spokesperson for the Plataforma Aturem el Fràcking and founding member of the Multireferèndum platform. As a cultural activist I have published the book Els castells de la Segarra, I have been in charge on seven occasions of the Fira de Florejacs and I have participated in various projects related to the promotion of local culture and heritage. I was congress deputy for the XI term of office for the Terres de Lleida, Pirineu i l’Aran, I actively participated in the commissions for Justice and Agriculture, Food and Environment. My political motivation is based on social justice, citizens’ participation, the dignity of having one’s own identity, respect for difference and the defence of culture and education. I am committed to the conservation of the environment and landscape, territorial balance and rural development. I take up the challenge of overcoming neoliberal models in order to build a better society with happy citizens.

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