Irene Montero Candidature for Madrid

Irene Montero

I was born in Madrid 27 years ago. I have lived in La Elipa, after that in Ciudad Lineal and now in the neighbourhood where I studied, Moratalaz. In the school Siglo XXI they taught me the passion to learn. Madrid is the city where I grew up and Vallecas the neighbourhood where I lived the best of my adolescence. I lived in Chile as well, where I learned that just with happiness is possible to fight for present and future.
I graduated in Psychology by the Autonomous University of Madrid and I have a master degree in Educational Psychology. As a researcher in training, I got a student grant FPU (University professor training) in 2013, which I decided to renounce some months ago to focus on Podemos.
Since I was 16 years old, I’ve engaged in popular movements in our country, an experience which taught me to never surrender and working hard with the purpose of building a country for its people. In the movement for decent housing I have learned the value of living together and defend what is ours.
Nowadays, I combine my engagement with Podemos and the performance of my doctoral thesis (A study of an innovative educational experience inclusion and educational collaboration). I am part of the State Citizen Council of Podemos, where I am the Areas Coordination Secretary and the coordinator of the general secretary team.

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