David Bruzos Candidature for Ourense

David Bruzos

I am from Ourense and I am 36 years old. Most of my live I lived in the neighbourhood of As Lagoas. I have two children; one of them is two years old and the other one month old. When I was eighteen I moved to Compostela to obtain a degree in Chemistry, and some years later I got a postgraduate degree in Applied Physics. I have taught Physics and Chemistry for 12 years, although I have spent the last two years working in the defence of galician, secular and equal public education.

I participated in the Galician movement Nunca Máis, in the Complaints Commission of Galiza, in the movements against the Spanish basic law on education, in the assembly for a decent housing, in the Galician platform anti-transgenic products and in the Galician network of responsible consumption. I share several social, cultural and environmental projects, both locally and nationally, with other people who also believe in self-management and in the common good. I was fortunate to visit Chiapas, Oaxaca and the West Bank as part of cooperation and observance of human rights projects.

We call on everybody, not only to dream, but to something more simple and definitive: to wake up!

Housing, land, work, food, health, education, independence, democracy, freedom, justice and peace. And, of course, lead by obeying!

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