Daniel Palomo Candidature for Teruel

Daniel Palomo

I am from Alcorisa and I am 30 years old. I have worked as a fire guard since 2008 in the BRIF (the fire brigade against forest fires) from Daroca. I combined my job with my studies in Forestry Engineering at the University of Lleida, which I completed two years ago.

I am a member of CGT (the General Labour Confederation), actively involved in the forestry fire-fighters’ struggle and in the recognition of the rights of our group, #BRIFenLucha, taking part in its fight, its marches and in the 85-day strike called by the BRIF statewide.

I was part of the process of the Popular Unity candidacies for the municipal elections, representing GANAR ALCORISA, where I was elected councillor. I am a member of Izquierda Unida and of the Communist Party of Aragon.

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