Daniel López Vela Candidature for Segovia

Daniel López Vela

My roots are in the area of rural Segovia. Since my teenage years I have been interested in politics and I have adopted a number of values based on democracy, justice, liberty and equality. I have a degree in History from the University of Salamanca, where I also did my Master’s course in Educational Technology. Fortunately, since 2006 I been able to dedicate my professional work to my vocation as I am lecturer in Geography and History. I currently work in IES Jaime Gil de Biedma in Nava de la Asunción.

I witnessed the birth of Podemos with enthusiasm and along with a group of other committed people I stood for primary elections for the European Parliament, forming part of the final list. Those days of hard team work spreading enthusiasm and hope marked us all and being part of this change guides us now to continue on this unstoppable wave of citizen empowerment.

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