Carlos Martín San Román Candidature for Ávila

Carlos Martín San Román

I was born on September 20, 1957 in Ávila. I am married and I have two sons and three grandchildren. I studied Psychology at the University of Salamanca and at the UNED. I am a manager of youth facilities and I work as a staff manager in the youth residence Arturo Duperier, of the Council of Castille and Leon, in Ávila.

When I was at the university in Salamanca, in 1974-1976, I fought the Franco dictatorship. I started working in 1977, and my colleagues elected me to negotiate the first trade collective agreement of the democratic period in Ávila.

In the eighties I became a member of the provincial Executive Committee of CC.OO. (Workers’ Commissions) for Ávila; at the same time, I contributed to the foundation of the first environmental group in Ávila: the Cantueso collective.

In 1986 I joined, as an independent, the political party IU (United Left) of Ávila; I left that group when Anguita ceased to be its general coordinator.

Since then, I have participated in society organisations from Ávila, always as an independent.

In 2007, the citizens’ platform Trato Ciudadano was created. It is a meeting point made up of different people who share the need to talk, to make a diagnosis of the reality of the city from a global perspective: political, economic, artistic, cultural …

In January 2014, I joined Podemos to become a candidate in the primaries for the European elections. In June 2014 we founded Podemos Ávila, in which I am involved ever since.

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