Antón Gómez-Reino Varela Candidature for A Coruña

Antón Gómez-Reino Varela

I was born 35 years ago. I live in A Coruña´s Old Town, but in building a mixed family (partly Galician, partly Belgian, partly Italian) I have spent the last few years between Galiza and Italy. My professional profile is, as usual in my generation, varied: I am linked to the agricultural sector, to the dairy sector in particular, but also to journalism, participatory planning, community intervention and social economy.

My existence is happily crossed by vital and political learning being involved in activism initiatives and social movements, both at Galician and global level. I had the fortune of being involved in experiences of solidarity, cooperation and human rights watch in a number of international commissions in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. I have participated in the launch and the building of the Marea Atlántica and Podemos.

I try to learn everyday from a little one who is seven months, who grows up and remind us what is important in life.

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