Ángela Rodríguez Martínez Candidature for Pontevedra

Ángela Rodríguez Martínez

I was born in Pontevedra 26 years ago. I hold a degree in Philosophy from the University of Santiago de Compostela. As that generation that emigrated and for which we are trying to build a country where to return, I have been waitress, baby-sitter, teacher and researcher at the university. Since I graduated, I have taken an interest in those points which politics, art and philosophy have in common. I live for work reasons, metaphorically as well as literally, between the Faculty of Fine Arts and the statue of the Heroes of Pontesampaio, where we gave rise, as in many other squares, to rebel springs, feminisms, prides, dignities, resistances and Mareas. I am Secretary of Organization and Equality of Podemos Galicia.

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