Ana Belén Terrón Berbel Candidature for Granada

Ana Belén Terrón Berbel

I was born in Granada in 1983. I am a social worker and I have also been a youth leader in the Youth Department of Granada. From an early age I have participated in student, associative and social movements in my city. In this world I discovered the vocation which would define my future life. My profession has led me to get to know in depth the social reality of this country and the difficulties it is undergoing. I feel committed to the need for protecting social rights and for rebuilding universal and public social services. At the moment I am part of the State Citizens’ Council of Podemos.

Granada is the place I come from and where I have always played an active role, especially in my neighbourhood, La Chana. I believe that my province is a land of opportunity, limited by an imposed lethargy from which it needs to awaken, and be returned to those it belongs to – its people, that sea of fires, in the words of Eduardo Galeano which light up its path.

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